Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, California

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, California

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Admired as one of the best Marine life habitats in Northern California, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is a rich and delicate tidal reef ecosystem discretely tucked inside a 3 mile stretch of San Mateo County coastline.

Situated just south of San Francisco, this tranquil and semi-isolated beach promises an awe-inspiring ecological experience, serving as home to a colorful variety of marine life including sea urchins, anemone, sponges, hermit crabs, sea stars and more. Shorebirds, harbor seals and the occasional sea otter can be spotted, and with the ever evolving tide pools, the Reserve delivers a unique experience at each visit.

At the clifftops, soaring century old cypress and eucalyptus forests expose ocean panoramas, where thousands of visitors each year enjoy the various points of interest through the Reserves trails. Down into the tide pool zone, which projects into the Pacific Ocean almost 1000 feet, at low tide visitors can gingerly traverse and explore the slippery tide pools.

Cypress Trees